Centredale Elementary School

41 Angell AvenueNorth Providence, R.I. 02911
Phone: (401) 233-1145  |  Fax: (401) 232-5279

Principal: Donna Hanley

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At Centredale Elementary, we know that communication is key. Our knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy staff members are committed to ensuring all students have an optimal learning experience, and we’re here to help you and your child navigate through their time at Centredale.

Please contact us with any questions, we are happy to help.

Mail us: 41 Angell Avenue, North Providence R.I. 02911
Give us a call: 401-233-1145
Fax us: 401-232-5279

41 Angell Avenue
North Providence, RI 02911

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Individual School Contacts


Joseph Goho
Email: joseph.goho@npsd.k12.ri.us

Donna Hanley
Email: donna.hanley@npsd.k12.ri.us




Ms. Jacquelyn Fratus: jacquelyn.fratus@npsd.k12.ri.us


Mrs. Gladys Mazo: gladys.manzo@npsd.k12.ri.us

Mrs. Karen Morrissey: karen.morrissey@npsd.k12.ri.us

Grade 1

Mrs. Sheila Coates: sheila.coates@npsd.k12.ri.us

Miss Laura Enright: laura.enright@npsd.k12.ri.us

Grade 2

Mrs. Colleen Achin: colleen.achin@npsd.k12.ri.us

Mrs. Heather Morrison: heather.morrison@npsd.k12.ri.us

Grade 3

Miss Sherry Lombardi: sherry.lombardi@npsd.k12.ri.us

Miss Jennifer Norato: jennifer.norato@npsd.ri.us

Grade 4

Mrs. Marisa Cotrone: marisa.delvicario@npsd.k12.ri.us

Mrs. Daria Argenti: daria.argenti@npsd.k12.ri.us

Grade 5

Miss Kathleen Quirk: kathleen.quirk@npsd.k12.ri.us

Mrs. Kristine Mota: kristine.mota@npsd.k12.ri.us



Mrs. Lynn Vanasse: lynn.vanasse@npsd.k12.ri.us

Mrs. Lisa Giammarco: lisa.giammarco@npsd.k12.ri.us

Physical education/Health

Mr. Michael Melikian: michael.melikian@npsd.k12.ri.us


Mrs. Cynthia Eastman: cynthia.eastman@npsd.k12.ri.us


Ms. Lindsey Arsenault: lindsey.arsenault@npsd.k12.ri.us


Mr. Anthony Torelli: anthony.torelli@npsd.k12.ri.us

Title 1 Reading

Mrs. Stephanie Ganim, Director: stephanie.ganim@npsd.k12.ri.us

Ms. Holly DaSilviera: holly.dasilviera@npsd.k12.ri.us

Mrs. Stacy Smith: stacy.smith@npsd.k12.ri.us

Mrs. Judith Maxim: judith.maxim@npsd.k12.ri.us

Social Work

Miss Julia Morini: julia.morini@npsd.k12.ri.us

Speech and Language Pathologist

Mrs. Judie Benson: judie.benson@npsd.k12.ri.us

School Nurse

Mrs. Karen Zelano: karen.zelano@npsd.k12.ri.us

School Psychologist

Mrs. Amanda Gentile: amanda.gentile@npsd.k12.ri.us

Occupational Therapist

Mrs. Kathleen Niedfeldt: kathleen.niedfeldt@npsd.k12.ri.us