Centredale Elementary School

41 Angell AvenueNorth Providence, R.I. 02911
Phone: (401) 233-1145  |  Fax: (401) 232-5279

Principal: Donna Hanley

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Grade 1

First grade at Centredale Elementary is a time where students are empowered to take charge of their own learning, and begin to see the real-world purpose for their work in school. Students start to understand the importance of education and the school community as a whole, and begin to understand that learning happens all day, every day. The growth of our first grade students is evident in their confidence, critical thinking skills, and their excitement to contribute to the Centredale Elementary community.

Grade 1 Teachers

Mrs. Sheila Coates

Miss Laura Enright

Grade 1 Curriculum


First grade at Centredale is a time of rapid growth in math skills for our students, where students use problem-solving skills in new and innovative ways. Students analyze data, and work on pattern recognition, prediction, space concepts and measurements associated with them in interactive ways that show how applicable math is to everyday life. Most importantly, our teachers work with students to understand how they strategized to find their answers, and help guide them through the problem-solving process. We work with students to boost their confidence when taking on mathematical problems, and encourage them to explain their work.

English Language Arts

Our 1st-grade students are diving in to explore the power of reading and writing with workshops, individual journaling, and chronicalizing life at school and home. Students are empowered to use their imagination, reading and creating stories that take them to far away places. Educators at Centredale guide children through their story-crafting abilities, and also help students write their first-ever persuasive pieces and written works dedicated to a specific purpose.


Don’t be surprised when your child asks what your favorite reptile is, or the name of your second-favorite dinosaur. First grade at Centredale is a thrilling time for our students, who are learning through hands-on activities, sharing their ideas, listening to their classmates’ theories, and working together in groups to find a collective answer. Sharing the “how” and “why” students found their ideas is essential to further discovery and experimentation, and Centredale teachers encourage children to dig further, question more, and stay curious. After all, they are the next engineers, scientists, and researchers.

Social Studies/History

Students leave 1st-grade at Centredale having an understanding of time – they start to grasp the importance of history, historical figures, and past events, and how that relates to present day. Grade 1 students discuss diversity, how communities evolve, and how the earth’s landscape has changed over time. Educators teach students about important social and historical topics with age-appropriate approaches, and encourage students to ask and learn about why these figures were vital during different time periods and world events. Students also learn more about how they can impact their own communities, their hometown, their school, and classroom, and start to see that they can have an impact on today and the future of their worlds.