Centredale Elementary School

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Principal: Donna Hanley

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Grade 2

New academic challenges await second grade students in a stimulating environment, where these young learners start to dive into a more diverse academic undertaking. Centredale 2nd-grade students begin to take on responsibility for their lessons, observe more critically, and become passionate researchers and active thinkers. Rapid growth occurs in 2nd-grade classrooms, where students are immersed in a rich curriculum of literacy across all subject areas, learning life skills and the importance of experimentation.

Grade 2 Teachers

Mr. Bryan Kachadourian

Mrs. Heather Morrison

Grade 2 Curriculum


Walk into a 2nd-grade classroom at Centredale, and you’ll find students learning to add and subtract for the first time. Our students begin to recognize math in their daily lives, as teachers discuss clocks, and talk about money, travel, and make learning about math fun with games and interactive activities paired with steady practice to further implement these skills. We know that math becomes more complex as students move on to 3rd-grade and beyond, and cultivate problem-solving techniques to meet each child where they’re at with math concepts and strategies.

English Language Arts

English Language Arts is taught throughout the day and woven into all core areas of the 2nd-grade experience. Students read aloud, together, and independently, boosting their confidence level and independency when interpreting text and public speaking. Second grade students become stronger readers, writers, listeners and speakers, through exercises that increase reading comprehension, dig deeper into responses to text, and promote a lifestyle of reading. Students in 2nd-grade begin to self-select literature they enjoy, discover genres, and make connections in text they are reading. Children also take on the roles of characters in these books, and visualize the stories they are reading.


By 2nd-grade, Centredale students are already becoming engineers – testing materials through design, building, and developing with invigorating experiments they work on both independently and in groups. These young learners absorb new information and ways of thinking like sponges, and our educators aim to show students that new information provides links to more questions and theories. Our science classwork weaves in math, literature, reading comprehension, digital literacy and essential collaboration between students and their peers to come up with solutions. Our students grow such an interest in science that you’ll see them acting as scientists outside the classroom when exploring and asking about the world around them.

Social Studies/History

Second grade Centredale students start to study culture in a more in-depth way, learning about relationships between humans and the environment across the globe. In our 2nd-grade classrooms, students develop an appreciation for human customs and traditions, and how they vary from place to place. Students are encouraged by our teachers to share their own stories about their heritage, and are taught to see the beauty in similarities and differences between people.