Centredale Elementary School

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Principal: Donna Hanley

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Grade 4

At Centredale, 4th-grade students become sharper thinkers, more proficient and confident in their abilities, and become excited when learning about the world around them through science, math, writing, reading, digital literacy, and expression. Educators are committed to inspiring students through hands-on learning that applies to the larger world around them. We understand that in-depth workshops, relevant content, and engaging group and independent work empowers students. Students are at the center of their own learning in our classrooms.

Grade 4 Teachers

Mrs. Marisa Cotrone

Mrs. Daria Argenti

Grade 4 Curriculum


The foundation of strong math skills has already been built by Centredale educators teaming with students in their education, and in 4th-grade, those traits become much more established. By the time students reach 4th-grade, they not only better understand how to navigate through math problems, but are also capable of helping one another in class. Educators make sure students know “why” these math lessons are such an integral part of learning about the world around them. Students envision how math is incorporated into everything – from the construction of buildings in our community to the relation of speed and time during a race.

English Language Arts

The writing and reading skills of Centredale’s 4th-grade students soar over the course of the school year. With essay writing and more involved reading, students not only read stories through, but also investigate and ask questions while doing do. Our inquisitive students further define their creativity while expressing themselves through written work. Educators help mold students into better readers and writers by using eye-opening literature to constantly show connections to the real world and empower students to embrace their imaginations.


Centredale students in 4th-grade are problem solvers and solution seekers. Children study more conceptual material, and our educators ensure these topics are not only relevant, but something students look forward to learning more about. Don’t be surprised if your child comes home from school explaining how electricity works, how light is formed, or how coding is compiled. Students learn to take everyday objects and study them further, and are encouraged to not only acknowledge challenges as they relate to science, but create their own explanation of how to overcome them. In all subject areas Centredale students are learning in 4th-grade, they are taking away ideas to make the world a better place – through science, answers, and ideas.

Social Studies/History

Centredale 4th-grade students have important questions, and we’re here to help answer them as well as generate their understanding of service in the community, basic government systems, and social responsibility. In 4th-grade, students study historical figures in an in-depth fashion, using research and visuals to present their findings to their peers. Captivating lessons and “journeys through time” allow students to gain further context of how different countries’ government systems operate and how cultures and areas of the globe have changed over time.