Centredale Elementary School

41 Angell AvenueNorth Providence, R.I. 02911
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Principal: Donna Hanley

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Grade 5

Students enter 5th-grade at Centredale with a passion for learning and a yearning for more knowledge, and leave with more defined skillsets and experience in rigorous academics. In their final year at Centredale, students become better readers, writers, listeners, mathematicians, scientists, overall students, and friends. We set students up for success through the elementary years, and prepare them for the rest of their academic careers as they advance to middle school and beyond.

Grade 5 Teachers

Mr. Fernando Torres

Mrs. Kristine Mota

Grade 5 Curriculum


In their final year at Centredale, 5th-grade students have become well-rounded learners who have developed a strong sense of deductive reasoning, coding, and calculating. They start to see how data and statistics are used to find answers to complex problems, and gain confidence in their ability to navigate through mathematical equations. Sometimes unknowingly, students have started using more advanced procedures when figuring out math problems – they now understand how to solve variables, and can pinpoint math concepts in everyday life. We make sure our students are well equipped to tackle math classes before they transition into middle school, where more advanced coursework awaits them.

English Language Arts

Our eldest learners, a group of students all younger children at Centredale look up to, have grown exponentially in their confidence levels with reading, writing, and sharing through presentation. They understand the need to always edit their work, and importance of revision. Our 5th-grade students become champions of vocabulary, articulate communication and grammar. In their final year at Centredale, students are eager to learn more vocabulary and dig into their next book or story. We know this puts them on a path to success for continued love for reading and writing, well after they leave the halls of elementary school.


Once students have reached 5th-grade at Centredale, they understand that asking questions about the Earth and its systems is essential to protecting the planet. They are aware of the connections between humans and the natural world, and start to feel more responsible for taking care of their surrounding ecosystems and be stewards of science. Students start to ask more sophisticated questions about biology, ecology, geology, and oceanography, expanding the way their mind thinks about the way things work. Have no doubt – these young learners are the next Einsteins, Edisons, Goddalls, and Curies.

Social Studies/History

In their last year as Centredale students, our 5th-grade learners are guided by our educators through challenging and intricate historical content, and are encouraged to discuss what these stories teach us and how we can grow from them. While they are still young, 5th-grade students are capable of studying and talking about serious moments in history and social movements. They build on their knowledge of the past, while digging deeper into current events to become more compassionate, understanding people. They’re ready for larger roles within the community – at Centredale, their families, their neighborhoods, the town of North Providence, and the world as a whole.