Centredale Elementary School

41 Angell AvenueNorth Providence, R.I. 02911
Phone: (401) 233-1145  |  Fax: (401) 232-5279

Principal: Donna Hanley

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The goal of Centredale’s kindergarten program is to foster children’s cognitive and neurological development as well as social and emotional growth. Daily interactive activities in the kindergarten classroom increase children’s independence, collaboration abilities, self-regulation, and self-motivation. Kindergarten students are exposed to a plethora of new experiences, where they learn independently, with groups and their peers, with their teacher in one-on-one instruction, and the class as a whole during lessons.

Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Gladys Mazo

Mrs. Karen Morrissey

Kindergarten Curriculum


At Centredale, we bring math to students’ fingertips. Our youngest learners may not realize they are mathematicians – but that’s just what they become while counting, measuring, and learning numeracy concepts and mathematical language. Centredale students begin to use terms such as “greater than” and “less than,” learning language, literacy, number sequences, and about shapes and patterns. Subjects are woven together for applicable learning – for example, students may be discussing a flower, but listen closer and you’ll hear more: The children are talking about its shape, color, how it grows, how large it is, and asking about how many there are in the garden.

English Language Arts

Our Centredale staff members know the power of words, and the importance of written and spoken word are taught to our littlest learners. In pre-kindergarten classrooms, students learn letter recognition, phonics concepts, fine motor control, and grow an appreciation and curiosity of alphabetic awareness. Students begin to realize that stories are everywhere – in our daily conversations, while reading books, sharing experiences, and asking questions about “why” our surroundings are the way they are. Language skills are fostered in our classrooms, and students are encouraged to learn through communication using auditory, visual, and kinetic approaches.


To a kindergarten student, everything is an experiment. Whether our Centredale students are learning outside or indoors, they are curious about all that makes up the world – including the ladybugs, ants, soil, water, colors, textures, and rocks that are discussed in class. Centredale educators encourage students to observe, ask questions, and make conclusions based on their findings. Our teachers also show students that science is ever-changing, and guide them in explorations to help grow their love for the natural world and the way things work.

Social Studies/History

We build a community and society within each classroom at Centredale, and our youngest learners start to understand they are part of their community and what it means to work collaboratively with others of different cultures and ethnicities. Many of our students are learning to play and playing to learn with other children for the first time, and begin to understand they are part of a larger group that teaches the importance of equality, teamwork, and respect. In kindergarten, there is a tremendous amount of social and emotional growth that yields academic success, and students learn about important parts of history and how that relates to current day and the Centredale community as a whole.